SCAD & Passion Projects:
1. Music Video: Fake Palindromes by Andrew Bird

2. IFC Rebrand
3. Wonka gets pinched

4. Title Sequence for The Royal Tenenbaums​

5. Stop Motion Poem: "Sick" by Shel Silverstien

What I did

Graphic Design • Video Editing • Art Direction • Digital • Social • Video Production • Prop Creation • Script Writer • Ideator • Acting • Costuming • Hair & Makeup


1. Featured Video: Coca-Cola + The 2028 Olympic Games
A 30 second video telling the story of where happiness takes you. 
1. Music Video: 

Fake Palindromes by Andrew Bird. Create a music video for your favorite song. 

2. IFC Rebrand: 
Rebrand a TV channel. 
3. Wonka gets pinched:
Create a neo-noir short film incorporating classical film elements, music and props.

4. Title Sequence for The Royal Tenenbaums​:
Create a title sequence for a motion picture using music and a theme of your choosing.

5. Stop Motion Poem: "Sick" by Shel Silverstein:
Bring a poem to life visually. 


Each project had it's own set of challenges which were all quite fun to figure out solutions for.  Check out the final result of each below!​  |  517.489.9021

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